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Why Choose

CareerWise Courses?

✓ Professions in high market demand

Can be learned within 1 year


✓ Attractive earning opportunities



CareerWise courses are based on market demands and our faculty are top level professionals, active in their respective fields.  


Internships Hands-on Experience

CareerWise understands the need for students to acquire hands-on experience in order to get hired, and so our courses include internship programs where students accumulate hours in real world work situations, learning the tricks of their trade.

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Job Placement Assistance

CareerWise trains its students to develop the soft skills, such as job search, CV writing and performing in job interviews to prepare its students to succeed in getting the job they want.  

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CareerWise's classes are structured so that students may maintain their other obligations while conducting their studies. CareerWise's classes are a hybrid of live online, and on-demand videos available for students to study at their own pace. 

Technology Courses

Human Sciences Courses


Diet & Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Learn how to help clients to live and eat healthy, and open a coaching business.

Career Counseling

Career Counseling Training Course for Professionals 

Learn how to help clients choose an educational pathway towards a fulfilling career. 

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