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Let yourself be happy

in your career.

You deserve it.

Guidance that Leads to Results



Our online diagnostic tool provides you with necessary information about yourself to make informed and effective decisions.

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Market Expertise

We provide information on market trends and opportunities, job demand, training & academic programs and salary guidelines for various fields.

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Removing Barriers

Sometimes, we have blocks preventing us from realising our potential, which we can overcome with proper professional career development guidance. 


Wise Decisions

We provide insight into your personality and your specific situation to make winning decisions.

Our expertise is based on over ten years of experience in guiding thousands of satisfied clients.  


Let us help you to find your Treasure.

At CareerWise, we believe that every person has a fundamental right to be happy and fulfilled from his or her career.


To achieve that, a person needs to be brave and honest to understand himself, to know his strengths and weaknesses, his passions and drives, his capabilities and skills.

Our satisfied clients from around the world are proof of our success in providing effective educational and career counseling that changes lives for the better. 

Register for a free preliminary phone call to clarify your needs and expectations.

Our staff will call you to understand your needs and coordinate a Career Counseling meeting.  

Using our online system, you pay for the services, and complete the online diagnostic questionnaire. 

Consultant will contact you at the appointed time via Zoom, for personal Career Counseling. 


Masha, Moscow

“How very lucky I was to have met such a wonderful career counselor, who really cares about others, who wants to make a difference in the world.  THANK YOU for all you did for me."
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